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So a bit unusual update today, and actually not much of an update, but more of a request among the people on this page. I really want to see this page grow and have a more diverse group of readers so I made this new little preview for the page. If you enjoy it please share, like, and comment your feedback would be of great help to me and the page.

Actual updates for the page:

  • I’ll be updating the specials page to include the Love in All the Strange Places special after the current special has concluded.
  • Side characters will be added to the characters page by the end of the year.
  • I’m currently working on a more accurate and more detailed about page that will include more about myself and where my comics actually came from.
  • I won’t be making that Thanksgivings special like I originally planned (schools a bitch, and I didn’t think I’d be working on the current special), but I will make a more special strip for that day so look forward to it.
  • I’ll be releasing my Christmas Special early this year as I’ve realized that releasing them on the day of and eve of Christmas have not turned out to be the best idea.
  • I still have a Facebook and Tumblr page, and I guess my wife made a Twitter page for me I only just discovered recently so that’s active now.

I appreciate the support all of you have given me over the three years I’ve been working on JODDAS VAPD and I hope to have your continued support during the fourth year.

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I really enjoy making strips and I want to continue the best works I can for you the readers