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The Cat, The Perv, and The Ecchi

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The Cat, The Perv, and The Ecchi:

I really did try to design a new armor, but I just didn’t like how it turned out so instead I drew this comic strip…

So what is this series that I’m out of nowhere bringing up? Well I would like to introduce you to one of the first comic series I started reading whenever I moved into Tapastic, or Tapas as their new name is announced.

The Cat, The Vine, and The Victory is a fantasy adventure comic set in a world in which humans don’t exist, but instead a hybrid of dragon like humans. I know what you might be thinking, “Are you advertising some furry comic?” Hey, it isn’t furries… They are dragons lizards don’t have fur so don’t be so quick to judge.

I came across this series after doing a collab art for Valentines day 2017 which you can see below:


I didn’t want to just draw the character I got (I got the cat obviously). I started reading the first two chapters and something about it peeked by interest and I continued to read the series even after my submission was made.


I think the thing about this series that catches my immediate attention is the 90s anime feel it gives. The anime series I give the most credit to for getting me into anime as much as I am would be Slayers the Motion Picture. I think when I first noticed Victory she reminded me of Lina Inverse. Granted she is nothing like Lina, but Victory is a girl who at the current time of writing this is a young girl still shrouded in some mystery.

vict 1.png

The story revolves around Victory a young girl living in the woods who holds the power of fire breath. She lives with her childhood cat, one day she’s visited by an eccentric water guardian by the name of Vine. Vine carries with him a talisman that holds the power of the water spirit. When Victory accidentally absorbs the talisman she along side the cat and Vine must set out on a journey to discover these new powers of hers, while staying cautious of an ancient dragon thought to have been defeated ages ago.

vict 2.png

If I really have anything negative to say about it is sometimes the dialogue can be a bit much, but to fault it for the same thing I’m at fault for from time to time would be quite unfair. Other than that minor complaint I don’t have much to really complain about.

vict 3.png

I bring attention to this series as it’s an entertaining tale that I feel deserves some more attention. For only being about two years old there’s a lot of passion in work put into this series and I just wanted to spread the word that this wonderful series exists. Yes it’s a bit of a read, and I didn’t get into full detail about what this series is about, but I still feel it’s worth the time to check out.

Hope you enjoyed.

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