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Thankful For All

Thankful For All:

This is a special I’ve had a hard time really figuring out how to pull off, mainly because a lot of it had to be cut down for length. Some stories of how I met my friends are more complicated that it’s kind of hard to just write into a simple nine panel page. When I wrote the original script Alice & Vanilla’s part took around 4-6 pages, Drew & Scott’s around 9 and Ophelia’s at 14. I think I did a moderately decent job shortening each characters story.

I made this into a Thanksgiving Special because I feel people have forgotten the importance of Thanksgiving. The holiday seems to be glossed over by Halloween and Christmas. It’s become a holiday of gluttony more than a holiday of reflection, and I think it’s because of people claiming it’s a holiday of murder much like Columbus Day. Yes I agree that the methods of claiming America is wrong, but no one looks at the reason why it happened! By they way none of us would be here if none of that happened, but because we live in an age of nitpicking (let’s face it I do it too) we just need to find reasons to bash on traditions and people without really thinking rationally about how we come to be.

This is a special dedicated to all the people from my life who helped shape the person I’ve become today.

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Extreme Beach 3

369 Extreme Beach Volley Ball 3.jpg

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Extreme Beach 3:

As you may have learned from my Dan’s Top 10 Favorite Video Games/Franchises special I did last year you may know I’m a fan of Dead or Alive especially the fifth installment of the fighting series. I also enjoy the Extreme Beach Volley Ball games as well. When it was announced that there would be no U.S. release of the volleyball game I was a little disappointed as I genuinely enjoy the game for the mini games and (well duh) volleyball game play. It was recently announced that a free to play version of Extreme 3 was released, but once again Konami is afraid to release it to the U.S. due to Social Justice Warriors/Feminist (I actually forget which ones they’re actually avoiding issues with). I did some sneaking around the system and got a hold of a free to play copy of Extreme 3, but is it really worth all of the attention it’s getting?

DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme 3 Fortune Free-to-Play Version_20160530135838

If you have not played any of the previous two Extreme games here’s a simple explanation. You pick one of the various female fighters from Dead or Alive, get a partner, play volleyball, and leave. Pretty simple, but for whatever reason a little addicting. You can of course dress up your character in a variety of swim wears, some being a cute and others that can be a little distasteful (I absolutely hate the Venus outfit). You can partake in some mini games like pool hopping, butt battle, racing, and tug of war. If you really want to you can just sit back and just watch your character lounge around (honestly why would you?). Now Extreme 3 does carry a lot of these features…but also lacks a lot of what made the other two games had…

DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme 3 Fortune

Now don’t get me wrong the girls in this game look way better than they did in the previous Extreme games. I really appreciate the new character designs that Dead or Alive 5 went into and I can somewhat believe these characters are real. Physics have been somewhat improved and they don’t bounce around so crazy like they have in the past Extreme games.

My actual game play:

I really enjoy the volleyball game play, it’s easy to master and addicting. The games don’t drag out forever like most traditional volleyball games so I can play against multiple opponents in less than just an hour.

DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme 3 Fortune

As much as it seems I’m praising this game I actually have a lot I want to complain about. In Dead or Alive 5 one of the coolest features added into the game was that your characters would sweat and get dirty after fighting, but in Extreme 3 the only natural thing that seems to take effect on the girls is that they get a slight tan and when you change outfits they’ll actually have tan lines from where their previous outfits left behind. That’s neat and all, but it doesn’t even seem like the characters get wet when in water and the fact that Dead or Alive 5 features these details makes Extreme 3 seem a little disappointing.

DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme 3 Fortune

I mentioned before that the previous games had fun mini games, while Extreme 3 has some of the previous mini games from previous games they also lack a good majority of them. Extreme 2 had butt battle, pool hopping, wave racing, and water sliding! This game replaced wave racing and water sliding with tug of war, rock climbing, and foot racing… Now I admit I’m playing the free to play version, and I don’t know if the full version has those two games in it. But if the full Extreme 3 doesn’t even contain those two mini-games it’s still a major down grade from previous Extreme games.

DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme 3 Fortune

My other issue with Extreme 3 is the lack of characters you can play as (I’m playing the free to play version so I only have Kasumi). Dead or Alive has a variety of female characters and a large roster after Dead or Alive 5. I know that the characters in this game is based on popular vote, but I really like Mila, Lei Fang, Lisa, and Tina. Why not just include all of the girls that make Dead or Alive a great series (I’m just thankful my favorite Kokoro is in the game at least, but come on!).

DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme 3 Fortune

One of the things I find weird about this game, and it was present in the previous games as well was spectator mode. While in the previous games it didn’t play much of an important role for the player, Extreme 3 makes it necessary to succeed in the game. There’s an owner mode where you just watch the character have fun playing and you take pictures. It plays a key role in progressing in the game this time around. If you don’t play owner mode you miss out on certain items and prizes in the game. I would rather this mode be taken out so that I could enjoy other things like… oh yeah wave racing and water slides!

DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme 3 Fortune

To sum it up… Extreme 2 is actually better as far as game play. Don’t get me wrong Extreme 3 is still fun at what it does have to offer, but it seems like a downgrade from Extreme 2 in fun, and a downgrade in graphics from Dead or Alive 5. At least you can play this game for free if you’re ok with only being Kasumi, and going through the annoyance I had to go through in order to get this game on my PS4.

7/10: Decent

Final Thoughts: Looks nice, but looking nice doesn’t make it exceptional…

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Basket Case

286 Basket Case

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Basket Case:

The real life Drew was never really interested in basketball as I remember. Ironically the first time I met Drew was in P.E. playing basketball. So I saw a new anime this week, and well just continue below for more.


This week I’m talking about elementary basketball anime Ro-Kyu-Bo! I heard about this series after watching a Two Best Friends Friday Nights Fistacuffs episode. They kept on picking this Tomoka character to play as. I decided to look up the series and read that this was kind of an anime version of the classic 90’s underdog sports movie. I was kind of excited until I actually had to watch the movie itself.


From just the first episode alone, not even the whole thing, but just the first five minutes I knew this series was going to hell. First off it was fine with the girls just seconds away from a victory, but then immediately switch to a scene in which the girls are wearing maid outfits. These girls are in elementary school! The story should have been a boy who’s lost all desire to play basketball and trains a bunch of underdog girls basketball and gains his love for the game again, but instead we go through this shlock of crap to get to that story.


This show really sexualizes elementary school so badly. Last week I talked about how I hated the skimpy outfits in Neptunia, but this show takes it to the next level of perverse and slightly pedo. This is truly a pedo bear approved anime as every single female character looks like they’re in elementary school. Even the teacher who gets the main character to join the basketball club looks like she should be a student as well. It’s so disturbing as to how much they sexualize these little girls.


Well other than being completely creepy and sexualizing elementary school girls they sometimes bring up basketball in some parts. So in a series that’s supposed to center around basketball does the animation hold up? Nope, it looks pretty lame. I think most of the animation went into putting these girls into perverted moments like a tight biker pants camel toe, bikini basketball, and I’m not even kidding the coach hiding under the covers of one of the girls.


The characters in this series are not very interesting. I think the only person I actually liked was Saki, but even she got really stupid with her talking like an adult persona, which brings me to another problem. The girls do not act like elementary school students at all. It’s like the creators of this series didn’t have a clue as to how little kids act so they just followed generic harem anime troupes and put them into little kids. The main character is even a generic male protagonist just with an interest in basketball.


So despite all of the many flaws in this series I will give this anime some credit. If you got rid of all the sexualization of elementary school girls in this show you would have a pretty decent sports anime. The actual idea of a kid who’s given up on basketball finding his love for the game in sharing it with others is a rather touching story, but when you have all this perverted imagery and dialogue thrown in you lose that focus. Hell the main characters loss of basketball is due to his coach going to jail because he felt up an elementary school student, but then he basically does the same thing too. I don’t know if this series is trying to promote basketball or the idea that pedophilia is a good thing (btw IT’S BAD!)



So would I recommend you watch Ro-Kyu-Bo!? No, I wouldn’t. It’s simply not worth the viewing. The only way I would say watch this show is if you really don’t believe me about the disgusting sexual imagery in this anime. Do not watch it, I already feel bad about actually sitting through the entire series in the hope of getting something good out of it. Watch something else like Slam Dunk. I’ve never seen Slam Dunk, but I’m pretty sure it’s better than Ro-Kyu-Bo!

2/10: Awful

Final Thoughts: “What could be a good story is wasted on disturbing fan service”

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Milking Ceremony

Cermonial Milking

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Milking Ceremony:

I promised a month long special and a month long it will be. Below are ten games/franchises that would have made it to the list, but weren’t exactly strong enough to stay on my top 10. In no particular order here are my 10 honorable mentions.


Grand Theft Auto V:

I was really debating on whether to put this down as part of my original top 10, but Mortal Kombat’s nostalgia is what took its place. I was never really into the GTA series, I enjoyed 4 for a little bit, but quickly dies out on the game after constant Roman phone calls. GTA V is more interesting to me as all three characters you play as are not only very interesting, but also very deep. The story is very intriguing and a lot of the missions (especially heists) are loads of fun.


Anarchy Reigns:

It takes what I enjoy about games like God of War, Bayonetta, and Devil May Cry and pins you up against absurd enemies, gigantic monsters, and over the top wacky. The best feature in the game is the all out multiplayer death matches. They can literally go anywhere with the mass murderings that take place.


Ninja Gaiden:

I never played the original NES Ninja Gaiden, but I am a fan of the Ninja theory Ninja Gaiden games. Ryu Hayabusa was already a badass ninja in the Dead or Alive games, but Ninja Gaiden takes it a step forward and emphasizes how awesome ninjas are in our fantasies. The gameplay is hard and fast, but oh so satisfying.


Elder Scrolls Skyrim:

This could have easily made number 10 spot on my list. I’m not sure why I like this one better than any of the other Elder Scrolls installments, but fighting dragons and yelling at them just entertains me for some reason. I loved traveling the vast lands of Skyrim never knowing what might come and attack me. When I first played this I literally called in sick every day to play this game.


Sakura Wars So Long My Love:

Most people probably do not like this game as I feel it was literally out of its time. It came out right when the PS3 was in it’s prime and when the Wii was slowly dying. The mechanics are a little unusual as part of leveling up your team requires you to build relationships with your members instead of leveling up traditionally in RPGs. I liked the mechanic and I played through the game multiple times to see all the different endings. I think the one thing that really messed with this games potential success is that it was the 4th installment to the Sakura Wars game and that the translators didn’t seem to know the Sakura Wars lore to begin with.


Albatross 18 (Pangya):

The unusual MMORPG where instead of fighting people you just play golf. Now normally I hate sports games, but Albatross takes what I like about goofy sports games like Hot Shots Golf and Mario Golf and simplifies it for me. Now there are some techniques you can do in the game, but it’s mostly a fun relaxing golf game you can play with anyone around the world. Plus it’s free!

maxresdefault (1)

Resident Evil 4:

Another game I debated for 10 spot as this is my favorite shooting game of all time. I can’t play shooting games anymore as the first person vier messes with my head now, but 3rd person I do perfectly fine with. I remember when I first played Resident Evil 4 my first thoughts were that the enemies were going to be stupid and slow like the original games were. These enemies are smart and that’s what makes them so horrifying. They can open doors that you closed, they can kill you in one hit, but worst of all, they can run at you. There were some nights where I was simply too freaked out to continue playing… until I got to the factory part of the game…


Chrono Trigger:

It’s a real shame I never got to play this game until just recently. It’s a really well structured RPG with more depths than a lot of todays RPGs have to offer. They do the traveling through time story very well (even though some parts of it literally make no sense). I think the only reason this game doesn’t have a higher place is because I just don’t like Chrono. He doesn’t bring anything to me as far as a  character goes. He’s just rolling with everything.

maxresdefault (2)


I never played Xenoblade so I have nothing to compare this series to, but when this first came out there really wasn’t any RPGs that targeted the sci-fi genre. I didn’t really know what was going on, but I think I enjoyed the gameplay enough to really keep on with it. It’s a shame I never got to finish this series as I made it to the third game and a friend of mine deleted all my save files on my memory card causing me to lose everything I had since the first game.


Valkyria Chronicles:

I really want this series back on the PS4 because this is a really under credited RPG. The art style this game takes is absolutely gorgeous and the tactical rpg shooting game mechanics makes this undeniably one of the funnest RPGs on the PS3. I enjoy the two PSP titles as well as taking the battles anywhere I go is fun, but the PSP made it really clunky to control for both the Valkyria titles.

Anyone of theses games could have made it to my top 10. I love all of these games as well and there are more games I would recommend as well. There are also some I wouldn’t recommend as well…

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Dungeons & Football

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Dungeons & Football:

Ironically the real life Patrick was the one who introduced me to Dungeons & Dragons. I don’t play the game, but I have friends that do. I find it annoying when jocks mock D&D players, but will get worked up for Fantasy Football. I had a friend explain Fantasy Football to me who was a D&D hater. To my understanding this is what Fantasy Football is: 1. Makes up a team of your own. 2. Gain experience to gain higher levels. 3. Defeat other teams with imaginative game play. Sounds like Dungeons & Dragons to me.