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Thankful For All

Thankful For All:

This is a special I’ve had a hard time really figuring out how to pull off, mainly because a lot of it had to be cut down for length. Some stories of how I met my friends are more complicated that it’s kind of hard to just write into a simple nine panel page. When I wrote the original script Alice & Vanilla’s part took around 4-6 pages, Drew & Scott’s around 9 and Ophelia’s at 14. I think I did a moderately decent job shortening each characters story.

I made this into a Thanksgiving Special because I feel people have forgotten the importance of Thanksgiving. The holiday seems to be glossed over by Halloween and Christmas. It’s become a holiday of gluttony more than a holiday of reflection, and I think it’s because of people claiming it’s a holiday of murder much like Columbus Day. Yes I agree that the methods of claiming America is wrong, but no one looks at the reason why it happened! By they way none of us would be here if none of that happened, but because we live in an age of nitpicking (let’s face it I do it too) we just need to find reasons to bash on traditions and people without really thinking rationally about how we come to be.

This is a special dedicated to all the people from my life who helped shape the person I’ve become today.

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