Header Photos

Each month I will upload a new header for the randomized headers. I just wanted everyone to see the full image used for each header.

So enjoy the Headers photo page.

Original Header:



Parody Header:

November 2014: Tales of Friends: I’m a huge fan of the Tales series. Honestly I feel it’s the only RPG series that keeps the traditions of what a JRPG game should be. I love Tales of Vesperia so much I imported the PS3 version from Japan just so I can play it without buying a Xbox 360. I tried to represent a different Tales game for each of my characters, but in the end I just ended up choosing my most favored characters of the series. If you haven’t played a Tales game I suggest you at least try one of them.


Holiday Header:

new-years Wallpaper


(These page is updated monthly)

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