It sounds like some obscure made up name, but it is actually the first letter of each of the main characters from my comic strips I have worked on for years:

J- Jen
O- Ophelia
D- Drew
D- David
A- Alice
S- Scott

V- Vanilla
A- Alma
P- Patrick
D- Dan

For me these characters are the most important characters in my life. I have been writing comics based on this cast since as early as fourth grade. I remember the days of reading Calvin & Hobbes with my friend David and drawing our own comic strips. We would sell these strips to our fellow classmates for fake money for what our teacher called class rummage sale day. When I went into the fifth grade my sense of humor turned twisted and cursing and potty humor was born. I stepped away from Calvin & Hobbes characters and created the original four: Dan (Daniel at the time), Drew, Scott, and David. Even if the humor was very distasteful I felt a sense of joy creating comic strips and bringing these characters to life. Even after elementary school I continued to create more strips in my spare time and later added my best friend Patrick into the mix. I tried to take a break from these characters during my high school years only to end up returning to them during my sophomore years developing more into their own individual personalities and finally adding in some female characters into the group. Even after graduating high school I could never stop drawing these characters, and I cannot imagine being able to stop in the near future.

I wanted to bring my comic strip team back and share them into the world. No more hiding them to myself and to a select few friends, I wish to share the exploits and adventures of the comics I spent many years creating. I will try not to make the comics overly dramatic and will try to make the humor fresh.

I hope by creating this blog Dan and his friends can be open to the world. Please enjoy JODDAS VAPD.

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