600th Special

600 A2 little encouragement600 B A little encouragement600 c A little encouragement600 d A little encouragement600 e A little encouragement600 f A little encouragement600 G A little encouragement600 H A little encouragement

600th Special:

Sorry about the long page, I kind of had to make this in the idea that Tapas could read it and I just wanted to make the single pieces.

Wow 600 strips, I think the most amazing thing is that I actually planned for this strip unlike every other ones…

I got the idea of your creations supporting yourself from the artist Scruffy Turtle when he made a post of a Haru drawing telling him to do his best. I liked the concept and decided that I wanted my character to support my other character in her journey to becoming the real deal (hopefully by February, still debating on page uploads or full chapter uploads at this stage in the making).

Hopefully a small bite of Ivolice is to peoples liking, I’ll have one final little tid bit of Ivolice coming closer to the actual realease of Ivolice and the Emissaries.

No strip this Thursday, sorry I just want this strip to stick for awhile.

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