Early Day

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Early Day:

I would like to thank all of the people who offered their characters to cameo in this strip today:

Jen Linman: tapas.io/series/My-Friends-in-Distantland
ShinyDMaru: tapas.io/series/Officer-Babyface–Dog
Emma: tapas.io/series/friendsorlovers
Fighterxaos: tapas.io/series/NewCourage
Jordan Smith: tapas.io/series/Candace-n-Company
Aspie Gamer: tapas.io/series/Life-of-an-Aspie
JimJomComics: tapas.io/series/Jimmy-Comicz
Insomniascrawl: tapas.io/series/Semi-Super
Indagold: tapas.io/episode/581497
Wnqs: tapas.io/series/The-Cat-The-Vine-and-The-Victory

It was really fun drawing all of these unique and interesting characters. I’ll try and do some more in the future for other creators.
Also if you want a copy of your character I have no problem sending them to you. Thanks again!

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