Reality Check Ep 3


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Reality Check Ep 3:

Thought I’d bring this up after an incident I had at work last month.

So I’m pretty lenient when I work, and I usually don’t think anyone’s ever really a thief, because why would you risk that? So one day I was working the u-scan (which by the way can actually be hard, we don’t just stand there, and when it’s busy and you have multiple idiots who don’t know what their doing it can be a colossal pain in the ass). I had four full lanes and if you don’t know there’s a scale system that determines whether a customer scanned an item or not. Well I turned around and noticed one woman was in a huge rush, but I never noticed her milk in her cart ever moved. My thought was, “She probably forgot to scan it…” So I went up and asked to see her receipt real quick, she makes a scene about race, because she was black, in my head I think “you’re throwing the race card at the wrong mutt lady.” I look at the receipt sure enough no milk. Something that literally would have taken 15 seconds, ended up becoming a minute long lecture about me being a racist.

I never had cat callers when I was a waiter, but I knew plenty of girls who did. Guys you’re not slick when you do this, you just look like a douche.

Parents stop leaving your damn kids at the register! You think I’m exagerating or making this up, but it happens… A lot!

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