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Pizza Grade:

So a little context:

I have to take Statistics again (because my previous class was credit toward Psych and not Math, I know stupid right?). I’m moderately ok with statistics, and I know most of the formulas needed (standard deviation, z-score, t-tests, etc.). I get my first homework 42 questions (plus a-g parts). I get it all done took about four hours (lack of motivation). I come back to class and our teacher gives us a half sheet. He tells us to put the answers we got on the half sheet of the respected numbers on there. So my 42+ questions were reduced to 21 questions I actually had to do. To add insult to injury the entirety of those 21 questions were only worth 8pts! So I wasted 4 hours doing 42+ questions that only 21 one of them mattered and was only good for 8 pts. In a nutshell each of the 21 questions was only worth about .38 pts each.

Even if we look at it in a Statistical way that still doesn’t make sense. This kind of grading only works if every question I had worked on were A,B,C,D fill the bubble questions or T/F, but even still that wouldn’t make sense because each of the questions required different levels of math skills, and trying to statistically grade like that is garbage. All this work only did was waste my time on assignments my teacher didn’t want, show me an inaccurate representation of my own knowledge, and proves my teacher is a colossal asshole.

I know I make jokes about math teachers being cruel with Ms. Charlotte (who is based on one of my favorite math teachers), but I couldn’t do this with her as it would have been way too disrespectful toward the original teacher she’s based on.

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