The Art of Modeling

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The Art of Modeling:

I never was a part of an art club or any kind of art classes (I was a drama dork…), but I really wish I would have. Might have helped me with making my comics look more artsy.

So I want to encourage anyone reading this strip to take part in the art club I’m starting on JODDAS VAPD whether you are on WordPress or Tapastic you can take part in the art club activities. I will give credit to anyone who participates and do shout outs to a persons page/work. All you need to do is follow JODDAS VAPD on Twitter (@KoreanTacos89) where I will make an announcement of upcoming art club strips and ask for a specific request that will often be different. So if you’re interested follow me on Twitter, I will usually try to do an art club strip once every couple months and you will be given a heads up about two-three weeks prior to the strips release.

This strips artist shout outs go to:

Thank you again guys and please check out their pages, they have some truly amazing art and some pretty great comics.

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