A Gift for my Dear

A gift for my Dear.jpg

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A Gift for my Dear:

Hey neat-o, I finally decided to up my game and add shadows to my character… about time really…

If you don’t know what a Dakimakura is, it’s essentially just a hug pillow usually with a sheet of an anime character in a suggestive pose…

OH! By the way I’ve joined a new site called tapastic where I’ll be uploading all of my strips. I’m not going to leave wordpress right now it wouldn’t be fair to the people who have stuck around with me on here so I’m not abandoning you guys just yet.

I’d like to thank the artist SandraMJ for drawing Scott up there for me as a deer. I really appreciated the work she did and put it in todays strip out of admiration. You can view her work here:


Thanks again Sandra!

If you want to follow JODDAS VAPD more in depth follow me on Facebook at:


If you like my work and want to see it grow bigger, please support my page and Patreon page below:


I really enjoy making strips and I want to continue the best works I can for you the readers


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