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Ask and LEARN!:

So a little context of why I made this strip, I do actually think the education system is terrible, but for different reasons than most people complain about. I recently watched that rap video by Prince Ea about the School System (which I encourage you to watch and make your own opinions about it) and I first watched through teens react, and I was like “wow I totally agree on some of this,” but then I watched the actual video without the commentary and realized a lot of the complaints in Ea’s video have no real research put into it, and lacks understanding of both views.


In the video Ea compares the education systems evolution to that of telephones and automobiles:

  • That’s an unfair comparison as those are objects and NOT institutions, in order for this to be a valid comparison it would have to be something within the lines of some kind of business or hospitals, but comparing them to material items only makes your argument invalid. This is an unfair comparison and even though it is false schools have evolved over 150 years like he claims it hasn’t.
  • Schools from 150 years ago didn’t allow minorities, today minorities have the right to attend schools.
  • 150 years ago religion played almost a huge role in education, in fact psychology wasn’t introduced into schools until the late 19th century, and before that, psychology was taught as a religious like course.
  • Technology has helped implement new ways to help students try to understand their lessons and schools now have computers and even iPads available to students.

In the video Ea says schools destroy creativity and individuality:

  • As much as I hate to quote Nietzsche people need to strive to become supermen. If schools don’t allow you the option to be creative or have your own individuality you’re not really trying hard enough to find your own self identity.
  • Most school (because I can’t say all schools) do offer courses for their students to branch out in creativity. They are called: art, drama, band, choir, hell my school had a video game programming class.
  • Schools can’t destroy individuality the only person who can do that is yourself by allowing others to tell you not to do or be who you are, and honestly it isn’t the schools personal responsibility to do that, in reality that’s a parents job.

Ea says that school doesn’t prepare you for college and the real world:

  • First off, just like David mentions in the strip it isn’t the schools responsibility to teach you how to live in the real world. Some schools actually do offer courses for this, but honestly it’s life experience thing, because every persons path is going to be different.
  • If you have problems figuring out how to pay bills, write a check, find a place to live, or planning your own personal finance there are many, MANY, ways to LEARN these things on your own, or people you can ASK to help you with this. Parents are usually the best people to ask about these kind of things, or a banker, or the thing you’re currently using to even read all of this on. As someone who has lived on his own believe me I figured out so many things on my own by doing the thing that philosophy tells us to do: ask questions and learn from them.
  • I understand that the real world is a scary thing, but blaming the school for not teaching you about life is extremely petty.
  • Schools do help children in the future. In philosophy knowledge is the one thing that separates us from animals, and the more we know the more we can succeed. Just because we don’t use every algorithm taught in math or chemical formula of Methane gas it is still necessary for college or the career path we choose. Believe it or not we use math every single day.

Now there are things I do agree with Ea about because having an open mind and trying to understand other view points is important for self growth.

Core is complete shit:

  • Now I think this is the argument of individuality, but probably not what Ea was going for, but the core system is the WORST teaching method as it actually does alienate certain students.
  • People have different brains and learn differently which is why the core system doesn’t help everyone.
  • Core (especially math) mostly makes learning more complex and harder for students to attain the information they need.

Teachers don’t get paid enough:

  • As someone going to school for education it does bum me out that the people who take care of us for a majority of our lives do not receive the proper payment they so rightfully deserve.
  • Because teachers receive a shit pay it destroys motivation in some teachers and lack of motivation from teachers only cause lack of motivation from students.
  • There are opportunities to allow teachers to receive better pay or schools to earn more money through bills, but unfortunately people lack a care for children’s futures and often vote against these bills. Recently in during the election a bill was implemented where I live where cigarette taxes would go up in order to fund schools, but surprise, surprise people voted against it because getting our smokes for slightly cheaper is more important than the future of the next generation.

But these are my opinions on education, and I’m basing this through my own experiences, philosophy, and history. Ask yourself if you truly think education is as trash as so many people say it is, and learn for yourself if it truly is. I’ll share Prince Ea’s video below so you can watch it for yourself it isn’t a bad video, but like I said some of his arguments are a little vague and lack some research.

Share your own opinion about the education system below because this subject is a real big deal to me.

Sorry about the long ass post, I promise to keep my next strip to less than 40 words again.

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