Reality Check Ep 2

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Reality Check Ep 2:

I’m willing to admit that I have done #3 a few times because of bad service and once, because I forgot to bring money for a tip, but it was an all you can eat joint. I regularly do #1 because the place I do shop at the express lane person who’s usually there is pretty damn quick compared to others. #2 however is actually inexcusable in my opinion. Cancelling a drive-thru order in any place is bad, but what makes a cancellation order at a “Subworld” drive-thru is a huge slap in the face. This is literally what happens when you order at one of these establishments drive-thru:

You pick what bread you want on a touch screen followed by: cheese, meat, vegetables, sauces, sides, drinks. That person on the other side of that touch screens computer has to WAIT and slowly make this sandwich for you one-by-one. It’s even worse when you take something off as you’re ordering, because sometimes that sandwich needs to be completely re-made (Unless the guy making it is a douche himself and leaves it on). Then when you’re done ordering you’re given an option whether your order is complete or if you want to cancel it. If you hit that cancel and drive off that sandwich and everything gets wasted including the efforts of the person who made it. It really is one of those situations in which you really have to be the guy behind the scenes like I used to be. Thank God I don’t have to make anymore sandwiches for people.

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