Bits & Pieces Pt 1

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Bits & Pieces Pt 1:

Now let me really explain episodic gaming. It’s a video game that you pay a small portion for a small portion of an incomplete game. It sounds like a deal, but the problem is this, “IT ISN’T COMPLETE!” Most times we’re paying for a portion of a game that isn’t complete and still has glitches and bugs galore. An example is when I bought chapter 3 of the Walking Dead game and the game would flat out crash every time I talked to the homeless guy at the front of the train. I know the glitch was eventually fixed, but I still paid money for that, and don’t even get me started about clunky next episode loading most evident in Tell Tale games. I’m not going to tell you not to support episodic gaming I’m just letting you know what you’re getting into with them. I’ve read multiple complaints about game crashes with Hitman and I’ve already dealt with glitches with Tell Tale so be prepared.

In all honesty if companies do what Square is doing with “Life is Strange” and release the first episode for free it would not only garner interest for people to test the game for themselves, but doesn’t force the player to feel obligated to buy future parts, because once you’ve already invested some money into a game you’re obligated to buy all the rest of the parts as well.

Do tune in September 27th though

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