Poke Farm

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Poke Farm:

Who would have thought Pokemon Go would become as popular as it has after only just a short time. It’s all I read about on Facebook these days. It’s a fun game, but not great enough to garner all the attention it has received. Maybe it’s just me, but I have multiple crashes and sometimes I go to a Pokemon and nothing happens. Other than that I find it pretty decent. A lot of the issues I predicted in my previous strip did come true with the popularity and some questionable Pokemon catches. I hope some issues can be fixed with the servers and I’m not a super huge fan of the combat, but it isn’t horrible.

How come when we think about the downfall of man we go straight into “1984”? Every time an intelligent person brings up this book to a group of idiots, why would they think it’s a commonly read book? At least if I say read “Animal Farm” people would at least read it if I mention it’s like “Babe” or “Charlotte’s Web.”

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