Promise Maybe

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Promise Maybe:

So true story, when we moved we thought we were getting a washer and dryer for our new place. As it turned out from my amazing luck I misheard the information and we now currently have no washer or dryer. So we went to a certain furniture rental center I too will call Daarons in search of a temporary washer and dryer (because clean clothes in a family of three is kind of important).

Much like Vanilla in the strip I did call Daarons first thing in the morning about ten minutes after they opened. I asked when the soonest we would get our appliances would get to our home if we came in that day, they told me “If you come in within the next hour we can have it sent to you by tomorrow morning.” So I gathered the family and we were there within ten minutes (we don’t live that far away). So we got there and were greeted by a very nice saleswoman who helped find us a nice washer dryer set for fairly cheap. My fiance asks, “When will you deliver this by?” She replied “we can have it shipped by tomorrow.” Also note we’re the only people in the place. We talk with the manager who was the same guy I had talked to that morning. We sign for the appliances and paid for the first month, and upon shaking his hand he tells me, “We will have them sent tomorrow morning between 9A.M. and 2P.M.” We left and went home after that. The next day at around 3P.M. we get annoyed and call Daarons to see what’s up. Me being somewhat of a reluctant optimist didn’t try to think too hard on it. My fiance talks to them on the phone and they claim that my fiance was a liar and that they said wednesday (two days from the day they originally claimed). I get upset and take the phone, I recognize the voice as it was the same person I had talked to the previous morning and when we did the signing. I chew him out and later that day we got our washer and dryer.

I really wouldn’t be bothered by a later shipping day, but the fact that they were claiming my fiance a liar is what pushed my buttons.I’m really hoping our washer/dryer situation finds a solution soon since I don’t want to keep paying those bastards at Daarons for their god awful service.

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