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Offline Beat:

I finally get to reuse Scotts Final Fantasy XIV avatar again, after two years. I never played along side guilds in MMORPGs, call me anti-social, but being obligated to work with others in a game I’m only playing casually never really interested me. I also knew about offline meet-ups and I wouldn’t want to meet up with people I would most likely be yelling at on a regular basis, although chances are they would be yelling at me for not stepping up to the plate.

On a side not I’ve been watching another new anime series called Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta (yeah another Japanese anime with a long stupid title). So far it’s alright, it’s based on a light novel with an MMORPG story line. I have some problems with it, but I can’t officially say much unless I finish the entire series first. If you’re interested in an anime about a girl who can’t distinguish reality from fantasy you can check it out on Crunchy Roll.


So far my biggest beef is that this is another story about a female otaku character who is way too hot to be having social issues, why can’t they make a female protagonist that doesn’t look like a super model like Watamote did?

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