Death of Passion

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Death of Passion:

Before any kind of comments let me first explain what it is that bothers me. It isn’t the fact that Let’s Players are terrible or lazy people. I know they put a lot of work and their own money in what they do. I watch Two Best Friends and Angry Video Game Nerd and know that effort, time, and money is put into entertaining their viewers. What bothers me is the children who watch these videos and lose any aspiration to do anything with their lives.

There’s a large number of kids lately with a lack of motivation with their lives. I knew one kid I used to work with who had plans to become huge on youtube by posting only a single video. I know youtube has become this big thing now where everyone wants to just jump in and make loads of money, but what’s the point if you don’t even have a passion for what it is you’re even doing? I’ve seen videos in which people just sound like they don’t even want to be doing what their doing, and only want the views. Then there’s kids as young as 9 thinking about becoming a let’s player. Talk about a lack of motivation.

What I wrote in todays strip is what got me into doing what I do today. It isn’t for an easy paycheck, I’m trying to entertain people by putting myself in the work I do. I don’t just lounge around watching anime and movies, I take in that entertainment and put into my everyday life. It’s one of the reasons I can’t stand Netflix sometimes as it puts people in a position in which they have no motivation to do anything. I think I’m noticing this more and more with my daughter lately as it’s Summer time and she would rather spend it watching Netflix and playing DS. I thought it was just my own kid, but apparently this is a very common thing in most house holds. Yes it shuts your kids up for a couple of hours, but if they’re just staring at a screen like some mindless drone you’re taking away their imagination or their passion. I don’t know if it’s because I grew up with a Korean mom that this bothers me so much, but seeing kids at work staring at cell phones watching let’s players really doesn’t sit well with me.

One of the things that actually helps me keep doing what I do on this site, Tumblr, and facebook is responses from the people reading my work. I actually do read comments people write, and I always log onto the page when a strip gets a like. It’s why I always ask for you guys to share my work so that more people can like, comment, and share even more of my work.

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