Can’t Deal With this Crap

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Can’t Deal with this Crap:

Originally I was going to make the couple a domestic couple as surprisingly they’re the kind of people who do this on a regular basis, but honestly ANYONE who does this is no different than a disgusting piece of human scum!

Here’s what you’re doing whenever you leave your child’s used diaper for a cart pusher to deal with. You might as well be saying, “I hate my kid, I don’t want to be responsible and clean up after my own child. I’m going to make this minimum wage earning person take care of my kid for me.” Call it over exaggeration, but really if you can’t take the time to find a dumpster to toss you kids crap away in, you might as well smear that dookie all over yourself, because you’re not better as a human being. Give your local cart pusher more credit, because they put up with a lot of crap almost everyday.

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