Please Think of Harold

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Please Think of Harold:

I had to think really hard about whether or not I was really going to touch this issue, but you know what as someone who studies in culture and sociology and also being a minority in itself who is actually hated by both ethnicity I have in me. I have my gay, furry, and albeit weird friends so I do have somewhat of a right to throw in my two cents into this fire. I’m also a parent and do know a thing about human decency, but I’m not going to talk all too much on this very stupid subject. I have my own thoughts on the matter, and I’m not going to share it here, but I will say that this issue is pretty damn stupid and I would love to hear the thoughts of all the African Americans thoughts would be from the period when they had segregated bathrooms.

I think South Park actually hit this topic really dead on. So please think of Harold the next time your local news channel talks about this troubling issue in America.

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