Final “Stand by Me” Fantasy

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Final “Stand by Me” Fantasy:

So I watched the new trailer for Final Fantasy XV and I nearly lost it at the second part of the trailer. I was already hooded on the game from the get go, but adding in “Stand by Me” only sealed the deal for me. I just think this is weird because I love Final Fantasy music and just think of it like this: think back on all the other great Final Fantasy songs over the many years. “Maria and Draco”, “Eyes on Me”, “Melodies of Life”, “Suteki Da Ne”, … “Stand by Me?” It’s just a weird choice, but I get that it fits the theme for FFXV. I can’t wait for the release of this game and it’s so close to my birthday which makes it even better.

If you haven’t seen the trailer get a load of this:

By the way I found out the singer of this version of “Stand by Me” is Florence + The Machine who I have no clues as to who they are. Still love the song none the less.

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