Eye am the Finale

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Eye am I Finale:

As promised here’s the strip to make up for my sick time. This would have been released yesterday. There will be a last strip tomorrow.

*SPOILERS* to a game that’s almost 10 years old…

This is the part of the game I always have the hardest time remembering because the boss is the biggest let down to what feels like the ending to a great game. You discover the murders are from Adachi and you’re confronting him figuring out his motives. You defeat him and then you fight a big eye ball. Yes, I know he’s an evil entity and the true culprit, but I just can’t get over how disappointing the design is. Now if you played the game you know exactly what’s really going on, but the first time I played this I really thought this was the final boss because I didn’t know how to unlock the true ending.


In my current playthrough I’m not in this actual section of the game. Persona 4 Golden is much longer with more activities than in the previous version of Persona 4 so odds are I won’t be getting to the end of the game before the final strip is released.

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