Manliest Manly Man Men

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Manliest Manly Man Men:

Before I say anything I must explain. The reason I don’t care for the month of March is because I often get sick during March and the start of spring, and that I don’t care much for St. Patricks day. The reason this strip is so late is because I was sick for almost a week and school work piled on top of me, plus work. I will have strips back to their regular schedule now that I’m feeling better now. There will be four strips released next week to make up for Tuesdays strip, but right now enjoy.

When I was first introduced to Naoto in Persona 4 there was no fooling me, he was clearly a girl. You look at the design listen to the voice (both English and Japanese) and you say this is clearly a girl playing a boy. Like I say in the strip you have to be pretty stupid not to notice. I think Naoto is alright as a character as she isn’t completely exaggerated in her character trait of a woman pretending to be a man. As a team member I don’t really care to use her in boss battles, but in regular battles she’s pretty decent.

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