My Mother’s Younger Brother

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My Mother’s Younger Brother:

Ah Ryotaro Dojima you weird yet cool detective. Every time I play Persona 4 I have to go through the same nearly 3 hour introduction every single time, and with that introduction is the awkward introduction of the Dojima family. I’m always annoyed that he Dojima intoduces himself as “Your mother’s younger brother” instead of just as your uncle. Maybe it’s because my mom has like five sisters I don’t know it just seems like a strange introduction. However the one that always gets me is Dojima’s line about the character being handsome like it’s such a normal thing you say to someone you just met for the first time. Well still love the game so it isn’t a huge problem for me. The only other weird thing in this moment would be how Nanako smacks her dads ass after he says she’s shy.

I always have the hardest time getting Dojima’s social link. I don’t think I’ve ever maxed it out however.

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