She is Worth Every Data

328 She is Worth Every Data

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She is Worth Every Data:

So I came across this little game on tumblr after I scheduled some strips to be blogged. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to see what it was about. In case you’re wondering the game is called Dream Girlfriend and if you have a magic phone you can download it on the google store for free (unless you really want to make an investment for this game there’s crap you can buy in game). So if you’re really curious you can check out the game for yourself, but it’s more tedious and boring than anything. You talk to your girlfriend, send her to work or study, buy clothes and plastic surgery… that’s about it.

Hey I had some technical issues with all the strips I made in 02/16/2016. I’m adjusting to the website name being added to every strip and didn’t notice until after I deleted the rough draft to notice the missing parts to the final panels. I’ll have this problem fixed in future strips. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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