Pushing That Math

327 Pushing that Math

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Pushing That Math:

Anyone else really hate word problems? I despise word problems period, but whatever it’s a necessity. well this strip I dedicate to everyone who has ever been a cart pusher in their life. Yes I know that it’s a horrible job and that you meet some of the rudest people in that job. People assume that a cart pushers job is only to push carts into the store, but in reality it isn’t. Unless you’re a certain company that shuts down 10,000 of their locations taking peoples jobs away then the cart pusher is also a bagger, cleaner, customer assistant, partial stock person… basically the stores bitch. They do have to do other things in their job besides grabbing your carts, so if you honestly don’t need your cart for that one bag of groceries, just put the damn cart back please. These guys do have other tasks they have to do and usually have management that doesn’t understand that the customers are eating a good majority of the time. Not to mention these guys have to go outside in many crappy conditions whether the store is rushed or the weather is awful. Thank your local cart pusher they deserve, and actually mean it, they know when you actually mean it.

Hey I had some technical issues with all the strips I made in 02/16/2016. I’m adjusting to the website name being added to every strip and didn’t notice until after I deleted the rough draft to notice the missing parts to the final panels. I’ll have this problem fixed in future strips. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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