She’s Hot and She’s Cold

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She’s Hot and She’s Cold:

This always annoys me whenever it’s cold outside. I work where I have to be outside a lot and recently it’s been pretty cold. I have to put on all these coats hat and gloves in the freezing cold.What’s annoying is being all bundled up and seeing girls walk by in their biker shorts and tank top complaining about how cold it is outside. I don’t feel the slight bit guilty if you aren’t capable of dressing for the cold (now I’m not targeting the homeless or under privileged families this is people who choose to dress lightly). When I hear one of these guys complain about the cold and want me to feel sorry for them I often just laugh at them and walk away. There’s no reason for me to feel guilty for someone who clearly could have dressed for the occasion.

Hey I had some technical issues with all the strips I made in 02/16/2016. I’m adjusting to the website name being added to every strip and didn’t notice until after I deleted the rough draft to notice the missing parts to the final panels. I’ll have this problem fixed in future strips. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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