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Just Incredible:

Wow how weird would this be? We got Small World in Ant-Man, why not jump the shark entirely? Still looking forward to Civil war movie whenever it comes out though. In the mean time here’s a super awesome anime review which actually works with todays strip sort of:


It’s probably the most hyped up anime series from the fall season and honestly I’ve been waiting patiently to watch this one. One Punch Man is an amazing epic anime if you haven’t already seen it already. It’s like the strength of Superman mixed in with over the top action from Dragonball Z and a dash of humor you would get One Punch Man.


So the story goes like this: Saitama is a hero who possesses strength that goes beyond the limits of man. He’s absolutely powerful that all of his enemies are defeated with a single punch. One would expect this to be a blessing, but for Saitama it is the ultimate handicap as he can never truly feel the exhilaration of a true fight he desperately wants. He can take down the strongest men, titans, mutated animals, and even the almighty Sea King, but they just can’t fill his deep gap. What makes things more interesting is that there’s clearly something bigger going on around Saitama, but we’re hardly ever shown in detail of the true story happening in the background, but honestly who really cares?


Now the show isn’t just Saitama punching things the end. There are other characters that have unique powers like the cyborg Genis who takes an interest in Saitama’s power and becomes his protege. One Punch Man has an interesting and colorful cast of side characters that are not only funny like an Iron Man parody and a Sailor moon parody, but can also be pretty bad ass. The fights in this series despite mostly being humorous are really action packed. One monster gets into an epic battle with multiple heroes at once and the animation of depth of the battle is just extreme. Even some fights with Saitama are really awesome and over the top as well.


I should mention that One Punch Man is not only action packed, but a satire of the action/super hero genre. Much like another popular hero anime series Tiger & Bunny (which I also love) heroes are looked at like a big endorsement deal. Heroes are ranked by popularity and skills and are paid for it based on their ranks. The series also mocks action animes in general paying nods to series like Dragonball, Naruto, Sailormoon, and even Attack on Titans. You don’t have to know a lot about those series as I think the humor comes off regardless of that knowledge.


If there’s anything negative I can say about One Punch Man it’s this… How come this series couldn’t be longer? It’s a shame that the series is only 12 episodes long, but hopefully we’ll be getting more episodes in the near future as this series is probably one of the best series I’ve seen in a long time. I highly recommend One Punch Man I really don’t think you’d be disappointed.

10/10: Masterpiece

Final Thought: “The action is epic, and it comes from the most plain looking character ever.”

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