For the Protection of the Planet

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For the Protection of the Planet:

16 days left until Christmas

Before anyone says anything about my opinions, I don’t mind the remake all that much. All the things that are wrong with it is simply fixed by loading up the original Final Fantasy VII.

Over the weekend I saw the new trailer for the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Just like everyone else I was ecstatic once the trailer started. Holy crap the graphics look amazing, the characters look great, and with the exception of Wedge the voices sound great. I was super hyped, but just like almost everyone else in the world the last 30 seconds show us the battle system and my seven year old self who played the original Final Fantasy VII back in 1997 committed suicide. Wow Square… you had everything going right and then you just shat on our expectations. Final Fantasy VII the game known for revolutionizing the JRPG genre is reduced to a generic action RPG game. Not to mention this isn’t a full RPG it’s gone into the realm of video game chapter releases. I really feel like this game would have been better off it was just a more slightly updated version of the original with some sprite changes and was released on the vita. Don’t get me wrong though I still plan to play this game because the graphics are amazing! The original game really doesn’t hold up as far as graphics, if anything it’s the worst looking Final Fantasy out of all the games as it never took full advantage of the Playstations full use of it’s power.

I understand why people are getting upset over the battle system (including myself). It isn’t Final Fantasy VII anymore, but an entirely new game altogether. For me myself I wanted a proper remake I could share with my future generation to enjoy. The new system also alienates fans of the original as it is in fact an entirely different game now. With the new design a lot of content will most likely be cut out from the game. But honestly let’s try it out before we say it sucks.

Here’s the trailer:

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