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Seha World!:

20 days left until Christmas!

I love Sega company quite a bit. The very first video game console I remember playing was the Sega Genesis playing Mortal Kombat at the age of 6. I both love and sometimes hate Sega. I love the Yakuza games and Valkyria Chronicles, but they never localize those games until they’re way out dated. Sonic used to be so awesome, but now it’s hardly even the blue blur anymore. Despite those complaints Sega has brought a lot of things for me to love including…


Hi sCoool! SeHa Girl the anime from Sega that makes fun of… Sega. Much like Hyperdimension Neptunia, Hi sCoool! SeHa Girl is a series about video game consoles morphed into human characters. The series follows Saturn, Dreamcast, and Megadrive (Sega Genesis) as they partake in high school classes that involve journeying through various Sega game classics.


Unlike Hyperdimension Neptunia, Hi sCoool! SeHa Girl chooses not to overly sexualize their main protagonists. The clothes the main characters wear mostly reflect the consoles they’re based off of and does a good making the characters emulate their console counterpart. Megadrive can’t dance because she’s a 16 bit console and doesn’t have the processing power to perform dance moves, Dreamcast tries to log on to the internet through dial-up, and Saturn has strong aspirations to be successful despite the Saturn performing the least out of the three.


Hi sCoool! SeHa Girl has the freedom to put any Sega owned games into their show and we get characters like Shinguji Sakura, Akira, Ulala, Gimlee, Alex Kidd, and even Sega’s own mascot Sonic the Hedgehog. The girls are put into these games and are often designed in a way that the characters belong in the game because of the way the anime is designed.


The design of the show for me is love and hate. While I enjoy the characters design and the games that they go into, the characters always seem so stiff. I understand that a show with only a 14 minute run time per episode I shouldn’t be surprised about limits in budgets, but sometimes they look like a CG film test. Also it’s a little weird that in the real world they’re chibi girls, but in the game world they become full sized adults… or even chibier chibi girls.


As far as the show itself I wouldn’t say it’s hilarious, but it can also be a little stale at times too. Some games that the characters to into are games I think only true dedicated Sega fans would only understand. When the show is funny it is pretty clever, like spamming a single move in a fighting game to achieve victory, or the confusing layout of how to pilot a mecha. For the most part all the episodes are short and move on pretty quick.


I would say this series is fairly good. It’s cute and fun, and surprisingly more creative that the Hyperdimension Neptunia anime was in my opinion. I like how Sega is willing to poke fun of their own creations while still giving the viewers a kind of heart warming ending that in itself is worth seeing. It’s also really short you can finish the entire series in about 2 hours. I think it’s worth a watch.

8/10: Great!

Final Thoughts: “If anyone can make fun of Sega, it’s Sega.”

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