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Basket Case:

The real life Drew was never really interested in basketball as I remember. Ironically the first time I met Drew was in P.E. playing basketball. So I saw a new anime this week, and well just continue below for more.


This week I’m talking about elementary basketball anime Ro-Kyu-Bo! I heard about this series after watching a Two Best Friends Friday Nights Fistacuffs episode. They kept on picking this Tomoka character to play as. I decided to look up the series and read that this was kind of an anime version of the classic 90’s underdog sports movie. I was kind of excited until I actually had to watch the movie itself.


From just the first episode alone, not even the whole thing, but just the first five minutes I knew this series was going to hell. First off it was fine with the girls just seconds away from a victory, but then immediately switch to a scene in which the girls are wearing maid outfits. These girls are in elementary school! The story should have been a boy who’s lost all desire to play basketball and trains a bunch of underdog girls basketball and gains his love for the game again, but instead we go through this shlock of crap to get to that story.


This show really sexualizes elementary school so badly. Last week I talked about how I hated the skimpy outfits in Neptunia, but this show takes it to the next level of perverse and slightly pedo. This is truly a pedo bear approved anime as every single female character looks like they’re in elementary school. Even the teacher who gets the main character to join the basketball club looks like she should be a student as well. It’s so disturbing as to how much they sexualize these little girls.


Well other than being completely creepy and sexualizing elementary school girls they sometimes bring up basketball in some parts. So in a series that’s supposed to center around basketball does the animation hold up? Nope, it looks pretty lame. I think most of the animation went into putting these girls into perverted moments like a tight biker pants camel toe, bikini basketball, and I’m not even kidding the coach hiding under the covers of one of the girls.


The characters in this series are not very interesting. I think the only person I actually liked was Saki, but even she got really stupid with her talking like an adult persona, which brings me to another problem. The girls do not act like elementary school students at all. It’s like the creators of this series didn’t have a clue as to how little kids act so they just followed generic harem anime troupes and put them into little kids. The main character is even a generic male protagonist just with an interest in basketball.


So despite all of the many flaws in this series I will give this anime some credit. If you got rid of all the sexualization of elementary school girls in this show you would have a pretty decent sports anime. The actual idea of a kid who’s given up on basketball finding his love for the game in sharing it with others is a rather touching story, but when you have all this perverted imagery and dialogue thrown in you lose that focus. Hell the main characters loss of basketball is due to his coach going to jail because he felt up an elementary school student, but then he basically does the same thing too. I don’t know if this series is trying to promote basketball or the idea that pedophilia is a good thing (btw IT’S BAD!)



So would I recommend you watch Ro-Kyu-Bo!? No, I wouldn’t. It’s simply not worth the viewing. The only way I would say watch this show is if you really don’t believe me about the disgusting sexual imagery in this anime. Do not watch it, I already feel bad about actually sitting through the entire series in the hope of getting something good out of it. Watch something else like Slam Dunk. I’ve never seen Slam Dunk, but I’m pretty sure it’s better than Ro-Kyu-Bo!

2/10: Awful

Final Thoughts: “What could be a good story is wasted on disturbing fan service”

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