Next Gen Console Babe

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Next Gen Console Babe:

If you haven’t heard of it, there’s this super popular video game series called Hyperdimension Neptunia a series based on the current (last gen) gaming consoles. It’s a little absurd, but I talk more about that in the review below if you wish to read it (you’ll be pleasantly surprised about what I say). I heard about this series through Two Best Friends Play and had to view it for myself. It’d be interesting to see if gaming ever gets to this point.

Guess what I’ve had some time to watch some anime which means I got something to talk about in todays strip.


So Hyperdimension Neptunia is a series about the console wars if all of the major companies were redesigned as girls who turn into even sluttier women. The major companies Neptune (Sega), Noire (Playstation), Noir (Nintendo), and Vert (X-Box). Neptune is the goddess of her nation, but is kind of lazy about it as stated by her little sister Nepgear (Gamegear), and who I can assume are her assistants Iffy & Compa (IF Factory & Compliance Heart). Because of a friendship act made by the four goddesses Neptune can enter freely into the other nations. In order for Neptune’s nation to prosper she needs shares which are gained by completing certain tasks.


So let me get the bad out of the way, the story is incredibly stupid. But what can you expect when you hear video game consoles designed as girls? If you can get passed this part you’ll be welcomed to a lot of satire of the gaming industry. Though the story isn’t great it’s still surprisingly fun to watch. I mean I feel like the writers weren’t taking the series seriously and just wanted to have fun. I think my favorite part of the series was the episode where Noire’s nation (based on Playstation) security is completely hacked by some overly obsessed fan of hers, which if you don’t already know it satire to the Playstation Network hacking back in 2011. The show is filled with jokes about our favorite video game consoles.


Even behind the humor the story can still be a little sweet at times. All the goddess have their own struggle with taking care of their countries and dealing with their own personal problems and family. The action isn’t always that impressive though as it hardly ever shows up and only feels like an excuse to show off fan service. I think one of the more disgusting things is the character Peashy (computer) a newly discovered goddess who looks like she’s 7 goes into goddess mode and literally has the largest pair of knockers in the entire series. That’s just tasteless honestly.


Ultimately I feel this series could be taken more seriously if it wasn’t for the Goddess transformations. I don’t mind transformation in an anime, but if you’re going to claim someone as a “goddess” put some clothes on them. They literally look like sluts when they transform and this is my biggest hate towards this series. The first time I heard about this series was through a game review that was written by a clearly unbiased reviewer who judged everything only based on the Goddess designs and ignored the story and the gameplay.


So in my opinion I kind of rather enjoyed the series. It makes me kind of want to check out the games for myself. I think with the exception of the awful Goddess outfits I think there’s nothing terrible about this series. The story may be incredibly stupid, but sometimes stupid can be fun and entertaining kind of like Airplane or Naked Gun. It’s worth a look in my opinion.

8/10: Good

Final Thoughts: “It’s stupid and fun!”

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