Horrorble Story Pt 14 Finale

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Horrorble Story Pt 14 Finale:

Well that’s the Horrorble Story Special. I really hope you all enjoy it, and I’ll have all the parts to Horrorble Story put together in the Specials section later on in the month of November which will include two additional strips found only in the Specials version of the Horrorble Story.

So yeah I sometimes wonder if there really is that person who was left unaware of Facebook and sticks with Myspace. I actually thought Myspace had died out until I actually looked it up a couple days ago. I find it ironic that Myspace actually has a Facebook page (no joke you can look it up yourself). I remember when Facebook came out almost everyone on my friends list on Myspace just dissipated, hence my inspiration for this years Halloween special.

Next year I’ll be skipping on a Halloween special and be working on a Thanksgiving special instead. Stick around and see what will be coming.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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