Life’s Just Beachy Pt 4

Life’s Just Beachy Pt 4:

If you haven’t already read chapter 1, 2, & 3 of Life’s Just Beachy go back in time and read up on what has happened already. I hope you enjoy this chapter.

This is the final chapter of a month and a half long special. I will add all four chapters in a single location in the Specials section of the page on: 09/12/2015. It will be worth the wait as special additions to the story will be added including a cover and additional comic strips to help add to the story. Each page will come with commentary upon release, but until then enjoy what the special is now and continue reading JODDAS VAPD. And remember to:

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I really enjoy making strips and I want to continue the best works I can for you the readers.


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