Dream Big

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Dream Big:

School is just around the corner for me and honestly I’m looking forward to it. I had a hard time deciding on what younger Vanilla’s hair color should be in this strip. Also stick around and be here on JODDAS VAPD this Saturday for the Summer Special. A little something to help with the going back to school dreads. This weeks anime review will be this Thursday instead of Saturday.

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I really enjoy making strips and I want to continue the best works I can for you the readers.


One thought on “Dream Big

  1. realshady007

    Well…Hey!You can’t achieve everything…When I was small…I wanted to be a wrestler in WWE…or a Hollywood Actor…Look at me now!Stuck in Engineering :3
    But it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pursue them…For instance,I liked writing so I started my blog…and the feel of being awesome… is AWESOME on wordpress B)

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