How to be a Master

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How to be a Master:

I recently got a Nintendo DS and got a copy of Pokemon Black. I’m playing it for the first time and it isn’t really that bad. I find it a little more challenging than the original, but I can’t wait to eventually beat it. There’s one thing I never really liked about the original Pokemon and that was the mother character. Blacks mom is pretty cool so far. So while we’re on the topic of mothers let’s talk about this weeks anime review. Don’t worry it’s a short one as I don’t remember a whole lot from it.


Junkers Come Home is a surprisingly long animated movie made in 1995. It’s about a young middle school girl Hiromi with parents who aren’t home that often due to their jobs. Hiromi hardly ever sees her parents so she’s often taken care of by a house keeper and a tutor she has a crush on. She struggles with her loneliness and has a crush on her much older tutor… Oh right and she has a talking dog… whelp here we go!


There isn’t a real lot to say about this movie. It’s cute and charming, but lost on what its message wants to be. It starts off as a story about a girl struggling with her loneliness and covers up that loneliness with her crush. She’s coming to age and is fighting in her head about her parents possible divorce. This is fine, but then we’re reminded that there’s a talking dog. Why is there a talking dog exactly? No real good reason.


Hiromi is a very interesting character and a very believable middle school girl. I can believe that she has struggles with growing up, and her infatuation with her tutor as a crush. But then you get the talking dog. The movie never explains why Hiromi’s dog can talk, but the dog can grant wishes. When the dog grants Hiromi’s wishes however it kind of destroys any message as it’s not Hiromi fixing a problem, but a higher power.


It’s not a bad movie, but it isn’t a great one either. Having a talking dog with magical powers fixing all of Hiromi’s problems defeats the purpose of a story about growing up. I watched this movie on Hulu one night while working on the Summer Special. It hardly leaves an impression on  me. I think it’s worth at least one viewing.

5/10: Alright

Final Thoughts: It is a decent movie, but the talking dog really kills the message.

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