Boin Boin Oppai D

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Boin Boin Oppai D:

No there’s no such thing called Boin Boin Oppai D (that I’m aware of at least…). I’m not much of a fan of some of the anime being released this summer. Almost all of them are disgustingly perverted with almost no likable female character (I mean I’m still waiting on Cinderella Girls). To me a lot of my favorite female characters in anime usually wear modest clothing, but there’s just so many shows that are just grotesque in wardrobe. I know I talked about it when I reviewed the Paradise movie about tasteless wardrobe, and I stand by it. I understand it’s about making your character stand out against others, but that’s still a character they created. I hear good things about Kill La Kill, but I can’t get passed the first episode because the main characters is just so gross to look at. There’s so many great animes out there, but because of the overly fan serviced based women and Moe crap shows take away from other great series like Baccano, Rental Magica, and Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (review of that on Saturday).rental_magica_10

On a side note I’m a very big fan of Rental Magica and the series came out during a bad time. It came out when moe animes were making a mark in the anime industry and I think the biggest offender Lucky Star had just come out. Now Lucky Star isn’t a bad show, in fact it is a favorite, but it can be a little over rated. Rental Magica is smart and entertaining. I could believe in a world like Rental Magica than I could say Harry Potter. Harry Potter has no rules for their magic, I mean most of the time wizards don’t have wands or there’s something new that’s constantly being made (also a stupid case of continuity). In Rental Magica it feels like the creator knows a lot about the magic world, in fact some facts in the show I’ve actually looked up. Like the story behind Genbu, Seiryuu, Byakko and Suzaku. How Celtic arts was a practice that died long ago. Even the episodes about Christmas and how hot springs are connected to the ley lines and the dead are very interesting. If you get the chance check it out, because it is a very good show that came out at a very bad time.

Side note, Alma’s design is mostly inspired by Adelecia Lenn Mathers.

You know if I ever move to Japan maybe I can start Boin Boin Oppai D and make it a real thing.

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