Evil Intentions

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Evil Intentions:

This is one of those strips where the ending completely changes from what the original message was supposed to be. I hate people like these, I mean how awful is your life that you have to try so desperately to find an excuse to get someone else in trouble at their job. I can understand if their being a straight up ass, but to complain about the quality of the work. You know most of the time when you make a complaint at a food establishment you’re trying to make a teenagers life even harder. Just go into your food establishment, be thankful for them making your food, and if they’re actually putting in a little extra effort give them a tip, because they don’t need to put any effort in for you. We go in there and demand others to cook for us the least we can do is understand that it sucks, because if it didn’t we wouldn’t have to be there in the first place.

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