No Money Mo Problems

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No Money Mo Problems:

Not really sure where this idea came from. I was at work dealing with an awful customer when the idea of going to a casino came to my mind. I don’t gamble by the way. So my computer cord got chewed on by our puppy so I couldn’t watch the rest of the anime series I was on, so I checked on Netflix and found this weeks review below.


So when I saw Expelled from Paradise on Netflix my immediate thought was “Great I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of sexual innuendos,” but instead I got something else all together. I’m not really much of a sci-fi fan, and sci-fi movies tend to be the worst as they always have to throw exposition at you at the speed of light. So did Expelled from Paradise turn out to be a let down? Well since I like jerking people who actually read these around, find out below.



So just like any sci-fi anime film there’s a lot of exposition just who at you from the start of the film. First of all Angela Balzac (NO LAUGHING THE CREATORS ARE JAPANESE!…Bal zac…) is some kind of special agent in DEVA which is kind of like this online cyber world that humanity has been forced to live in? I’m not entirely sure the movie does kind of a bad job explaining it and honestly we aren’t there in DEVA all that long to understand it anyways. DEVA is infiltrated by a foreign force from the real world and it’s up to Angela Balzac (stop laughing!) to get an artificial body and work with an agent from earth to hunt down this criminal. Of course being from a different world Angela is unfamiliar with earthly things such as eating, sleeping, and I guess just being human.


So some of the immediate issues I’m just going to flat out throw now is Angela’s outfit. I mean what the hell were the DEVA people thinking? You look at all the people on earth and see they’re in normal clothing, the artificial people of DEVA are also in normal clothes, but when Angela is sent to earth she is wearing the most absurd stupid outfit ever created, and ironically she’s supposed to be under cover! Also I found it stupid that every DEVA agent is also scantily dressed female as well, because men DEVA are useless pervs based on the first male character we’re introduced to. Another issue is that there’s so much exposition, but a lot of details about this world STILL isn’t answered. I don’t know where DEVA even is, because if it’s a artificially created world it means there needs to be a main source location. Also animals are mutated in the real world, but with the exception of one scene there’s no reason to even mention mutated creatures, it made for a pretty cool scene, but what’s the point if you only see these things once.

All that aside I did fairly enjoy this film. Yeah a lot of things are being ignored and other things are being explained too much, but it just means we get to spend more time with our two main characters. Balzac (sorry it’s still funny to me) and Dingo are two main protagonist give us the traditional buddy film scenario. Angela being the tsundere character who simply wants to find this hacker and return back to DEVA is such a cute character, and Dingo being the suave carefree guy are both very likable. The story towards the end makes up for most of the shlock in the beginning. It’s surprisingly a deep story with a very innocent plot for something that’s very bizarre… Think Matrix meets Avatar I guess… except the main characters a cute girl instead of an emotionless guy.

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I guess I should mention this is more CG anime film, but is that really a bad thing? The battle scenes are nice and the characters don’t look that bad in CG either. It doesn’t flop around 3d and 2d anime a lot like a certain Idolm@ster wanna be trash does. If you don’t mind stupid exposition (or if you can actually understand most of it) I don’t see any reason not to watch Expelled from Paradise, but honestly for me this is a one time watch and I think it was worth it.

6/10 Alright

Final Thoughts: Balzac (hee hee) is such a sweet character and the world she opens up to is charming.

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