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New Age Burning

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New Age Burn:

My girlfriend recently got this weird product to clear out her ears a few day back. I’m not much into the hippie new age products. I can’t even stand going into the store most of the time as I feel completely out of place most of the time. This product really blew my mind when my girlfriend asked me to help her with it. It’s kind of weird to seeing a mild flame slowly burning down to your girlfriends head. So I couldn’t finish watching this weeks anime series due to work, so I thought I would watch an OVA entitled Senran Kagura Estival Festival.

So what can I possibly say about Senran Kagura Estival Festival? Not a whole lot apparently because I’m kind of amazed at how pointless and little sense this 30 minute OVA had to offer. Based off the popular Japanese game series Senran Kagura it’s about schools with secret ninja clubs that battle against each other for… I’m not really sure why. In the original anime in 2013 it was about Asuka and her group fighting against Homura’s group because Homura’s group were harming innocent people. But I guess now there’s 5 factions and they all fight for some reason, I don’t know this came out in promotion for the newest Senran Kagura game.

So the OVA starts off with super serious leader Yumi (Not Asuka for some reason) training with one of her team members, but she’s upset because the rest of her team is slacking on their training and seem more occupied with their own personal affairs. They receive an unaddressed letter inviting them to go to an opening of a new resort, however the other groups also happen to get invited to the same spa as well.


The OVA only assumes that you’re already aware of all their characters, but honestly I only knew about Asuka’s team and Homura’s team because they were established in the Senran Kagura anime from 2013 (which is surprisingly decent btw). You don’t really need to know a lot of the characters names I just called them by what their cliche was. We had Tsundere, loli, masochist, slutty chick, broke girl, etc. I swear there’s a cliched girl of every type.


So something about the first anime real quick. Senran Kagura 2013 anime was aware that the series was kind of stupid and quickly took advantage of that, but at least the action was entertaining and it wasn’t always about showing us nudity (in fact I don’t think it showed any). This OVA on the other hand can’t wait 7 minutes before our main character flat out strips for us for kind of a stupid reason. I guess they play rock, paper, scissors using their breasts instead of their hands which honestly I thought was very tasteless.

For a show about ninja’s fighting each other there’s hardly any of it at all. There’s only a small amount of fighting at the very beginning of the OVA and then another battle at the end. The fighting in the original anime was far more interesting, but in this it feels like it was added at the last minute. The video game is about fighting hordes of enemies, but this was clearly made only for fan service.

So in the end I’m not sure I can recommend anyone to really watch this OVA. It’s stupid and makes absolutely no sense. I mean I guess the creators knew exactly who they were targeting and fans of the series have probably wanted to see these characters finally get naked since they never do in the games. If you just want to see overly huge breasts (and a child character) bare it all this is the OVA you should check out. If you want some form of entertainment or plot watch the 2013 anime of Senran Kagura instead it isn’t nearly as bad as this OVA.

3/10 Stupid

Final thoughts: Pointless nudity without plot just makes this smut.

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