Wait, But Plug?

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Wait, But Plug?:

Yes, we finally watched the ever popular “50 Shades of Grey” and it was actually worse than what we were expecting. For me I thought this was on par with bad movies like “The Room” and “Birdemic” in which they’re fantastic if you just want to sit and riff on the film. Some problems as far as basic movie making that’s wrong with this film, and yes there are a lot of problems.


Now I wasn’t expecting Oscar award winning dialogue, but I can at least hope that the script writers would improve on the already bad dialogue of the book. I’m not kidding, some lines in this movie are so hilarious you have to ask yourself “Who talks like this?” One of the funniest parts in the film is when Anastasia and Grey are in his office discussing their contract (and this happens a lot in this movie). The main character is a “literature” major and she didn’t understand a lot of the words in the contract… like “butt plug.”

Speaking of dumb characters our main protagonists are not likable at all. It’s like watching an adult version of “Twilight” written by a teenager who only just discovered pornography. Anastasia our “hero” is a Literature major who seems surprisingly illiterate that interviews bad boy super billionaire Grey who owns Grey House a company I’m not really sure ever gets explained as to what it is they actually do. Anastasia after one interview falls in love with Grey even though they show no real connection between either characters except lust. This makes some sense for Grey as he’s supposed to be emotionless and distant, but why should Anastasia love Grey? Grey is kind of an asshole who stalks Anastasia throughout the entire film and ordering her around like a maid. I really feel no connection between the two as the only real romantic moment is when they’re dancing together and that is it! The plane rides were stupid and only showed how rich he was not his personality.

A lot of the events in the story are very reminiscent of the first Twilight movies. Every scene with the exception of the plane and sex scenes the events are very similar including visiting the mom and having the boyfriend show up and multiple scenes where they struggle to stay together. The sex scenes aren’t really that impressive either as they’re not as intense as commercials make them out to be and honestly it just looked like normal love making with toys. Most of it was really tamed considering the guy is into BDSM and a lot of the things in his contract is far more extreme. Also this movie is mostly about a contract that Anastasia has to sign and what’s dumb is she goes with the guys sexual exploits when she doesn’t sign the contract to begin with. There’s a lot of pointless scenes in this movie as well, like the before mentioned airplane scenes and an entire point in the movie where Anastasia visits her mom that doesn’t do anything to improve the plot of the film.


I think the message in this film is very mixed and unclear. The ending just flops on you and the morals are a little vague. My girlfriend hated this movie and I don’t really blame her. I think it’s stupid funny and worth a good riffing. Honestly I hope rifftrax will to a riff for this movie.

On a side note “50 Shades of Grey” was originally a fan fiction of the Twilight series and was posted on a website and became a huge success thanks to fans reading, sharing, commenting, and liking the story on a website similar to this one. When I ask for these things on this page it’s because they mean that much to me and I want more people visiting this page and enjoying my work. To all of you who currently already do these things I thank you and I am aware of when you guys like my work.

Proof that this was originally a Twilight fan fiction: Master of the Universe

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