Trinity Sleven

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Trinity Sleven:

So because of school and work I haven’t had a lot of time to spend on anime lately. With Summer vacation I’m trying to get caught up on some anime series I’ve missed out on and have been recommended I watch. One of these series being Trinity Seven.


So I didn’t look up anything for this series before watching it. All I know is that each of the girls represents the seven deadly sins: envy, greed, wrath, lust, sloth, vanity, and gluttony. I thought to myself “awesome, something I haven’t seen yet.” Turns out I’ve seen this hock of crap millions of times already, it’s just been repackaged in a new box with the same crap again. The story revolves around male protagonist (because I can’t remember a single characters name except for Levi and Lilith) who loses his cousin (another harem anime cliche younger sister love interest) in some magical field of doom or some crap. So he creates an alternate reality where nothing ever happened when Lilith comes to rescue him from his alternate reality. Protagonist is given the option of giving up a momento from his cousin or death, being an “edgy badass” he chooses to be a magician in order to find a way to bring back his cousin. Sounds interesting enough.


So protagonist goes to the school and is informed he must seek the guide of top class students in their field of expertise called the Trinity Seven. When all the Trinity gather together protagonist will learn all he needs to learn about magic and ultimately save his cousin… is what I’d like to say, but that doesn’t actually happen.


So what should be a dramatic fantasy adventure turns out to be a surprisingly generic harem anime. All the generic harem anime troupes are in this series from constant scenes in which the female characters are naked for no reason, random fan service beach episode that doesn’t move the plot, and of course an entire cast of male perverts ogling women constantly (including an adult headmaster macking on under aged students). This series claims to have a deep plot, but in reality there isn’t one. The cousin is hardly ever mentioned past the first episode and honestly I don’t see any reason why the protagonist wants to rescue her except that he could score with her if she came back to life.


Instead of learning magic or trying to save his cousin our protagonist spends his entire time dicking around with the seven girls getting into cliche harem anime moments. I’m saying cliche harem anime moments because you can see these exact moments in every harem anime without a real identity. Some harem animes can define themselves from others like Kanon uses a deep story and nonchalant protagonist to keep viewers watching, Infinite Stratos (first season) had sci-fi robot fighting to remind audience that it wasn’t just harem, and Haganai used over the top comedy to keep its own identity. Trinity Seven tries nothing to keep itself away from other harem animes even though it has something other harem animes don’t have: a very interesting premise.


This series should have been very good with the idea of the seven deadly sins, but none of the characters show NO distinction of the sins and are “masters” of their respected field. Also none of the characters are very interesting I only remember Lilith because everyone is always saying her name and Levi because its the name of an even better Levi from Black Lagoon. None of the girls have a personality outside their cliche characteristic: Loli girl is cute and looks like a little sister, Tsundere girl is always mad, but secretly shy, Mysterious Girl is mostly keeping to herself and hardly ever revealing details about herself, Slutty girls is well you know, Emotionless girl is unrealistic and would never exist anywhere outside this anime, Lovable Goof Ball is easy going and goes with the flow, plus she has huge knockers, and Obvious Love Interest is obviously designed for fans to want to see naked because she’s the most innocent. Holy crap I hate this anime right now.


I’ll admit I only made it to episode 9 before I gave up, because I’ve seen how series like these go. For the past 9 episode it’s been nothing but bland character acknowledgement (because character development does not exist in this series) and absolutely 0 action. Action scenes in this series are so brief, barely noticeable and quickly replaced with some perverted moment. I think the only real action I recall being amazed by was when Levi fought slutty chick and sacrificed her clothes as a decoy, but even that wasn’t that interesting. I can predict that the ending is anti climactic in which there’s some lame antagonist character introduced at the last moment (because there hasn’t been any at all since the beginning) and they have one episode of lame fighting and character wins through the power of friendship and the end cousin isn’t saved and we hope you buy our merchandise and wait for season 2 where nothing happens… again.


It really bums me out that the last anime I watched was way back in December and this is what I had to watch as my first anime for the summer. I don’t often quit a series mid season, but this one I made an exception for. Story should of been good, characters should have been interesting, animation is just meh look at the naked girls. Considering I started watching this series 2 days ago and I can’t remember a single characters name outside of two is pretty bad. Luckily the series I switched to Sabagebu! (which by the very good comedy anime poking fun at survival game genre) is making up for this generic harem anime piece of crap wrapped up in a beautiful premise packaging.

3/10 Boring

Final Thoughts: THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN INTERESTING! Not everything has to have nudity and fan service!

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