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I had no intentions of making this strip, but since the release of Mortal Kombat X this issue is all I have been reading about in the game. Because of this issue the rest of the game is blatantly being bashed by critics and gamers and I find that incredibly unfair to both Netherealms and WB (even though I don’t like them myself).

So the issue that’s mostly being brought up is DLC and buying the Krypt and easy fatalities. At this point isn’t DLC in video games a given? Every game now is expected to have DLC and I’ve said it before during my Top 10 Video Games special they’re not a necessity to enjoy your game, but an addition. You can choose to buy it and support the people who make your favorite video games, I know I plan to get both Predator and Jason when they come out (not so much Tanya and Tremor). The easy fatalities and unlocked Krypt thing sounds like people finding an excuse to complain about the game. You get easy fatalities in the game through the Krypt already, but did you honestly want unlimited easy fatalities? There’s even a training mode in the game that lets you practice your fatalities in it, and surprisingly a lot of them are extremely easy (with the exception of Ermac). So easy solution, play the game!

So these are other so called issues being claimed:

1. The story is lame, and doesn’t explain everything:

Well most fighting game stories are usually lame and almost always play identical, but I’ll ignore that for now and pretend this fighting games story is original and has never been made before. The idea of this story is its theme not the tales of outworld or netherealm or anything. We see struggling families being united to fight a single cause. I think Johnny Cage had far more personality than Liu Kang ever did, and the struggle him and his family go through such as distancing each other, and rekindling themselves is far more interesting than Kotal Kahns conquest or Shinnok. Did it ignore some things, of course, but what fighting game doesn’t? Fighting game stories are designed to not have a true conclusion so that the fans have something to look forward to when buying the next installment.


2. The game is too gory and unreal:

Well duh its Mortal Kombat. Making that claim is like saying Call of Duty has too much military theme in it. Video games are designed to get the players out of reality and play in this virtual world. Is anything about splitting a persons head in two realistic? Of course not, but that’s whats enjoyable about the game is that you can do it.


3. Fighting is too generic:

At this point in gaming history I’m sure that’s true about any fighting game in the genre. I believe the fighting mechanics in this game aren’t really that bad, if anything it plays a lot like Injustice Gods Among Us than Mortal Kombat unfortunately. I’m not saying that ruins the game, but a lot of the moves and mechanics are very similar, but as netherealms studio was involved in both games it can’t be helped that they would play similarly. Like any fighting game its all about finding that one character you know how to work with and building up on that.

Following video contains gore and is actual footage of one of my game sessions:

I’m Kitana on the left and I have it set to Medium as I’m still learning to play this game I only got two days ago. Also you’ll notice I don’t have to use an easy fatality to pull off my fatality in this video.

I guess what I just want to point out is this game isn’t as bad as people are making it out to be. It’s a surprisingly good fighting game that holds up good. Please keep in mind that games with DLC are not your worst enemies. They’re meant to be later additions for your gaming experience for an additional price, and remember when games had secrets and we after we got everything in the game we would just stop.

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