Miracle Treatment

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Miracle Treatment:

Number 01: Final Fantasy

Yeah if you’ve been keeping up with JODDAS VAPD you could probably already predict that Final Fantasy would be my number one pick. I know the series recently with some of the newer games being somewhat lackluster, but I like to outweigh the good with the bad. The series does have some of its ups and downs.


The series if you don’t already know was kind of a last chance for Square Soft president to create a successful video game. The series took a lot from the already popular Dragon Quest series and created a staple for future RPG games strive to be like. Final Fantasy I, II, & III paved the way for the gameplay of future Final Fantasy series. They were both challenging and creative to play even for NES standards.


Final Fantasy IV brought us our first real story in the Final Fantasy series with a tale of a knight in a battle with his own conscience about his kings actions. The tale continues when Cecil fights against the powerful Golbez who kidnaps the lovely Rosa. Every character is unique and different. Kain the dragoon who the player is never sure who’s side he’s on or the silly black/white mage siblings Palom & Porom are cute additions to your party. Final Fantasy V brings in the job changing mechanics from Final Fantasy III and includes a story that can have alternate endings depending on the result of the Final battle.


Final Fantasy VI is my favorite in the series. Terra is my all time favorite video game protagonist as her story I can mostly relate with. She’s half human and half eidolin and I’m half American and half Korean. I remember when I was young and figuring out what kind of person I was it was amazing that I could play this game with a protagonist I could relate with. I also believe that Kefka is the best villain in gaming. The battles are fast which makes getting through the game and leveling so much more easier than previous Final Fantasy games and even later Final Fantasy games.


Probably the most overrated of the Final Fantasy series Final Fantasy VII was actualtly the first in the series I played. I would sit behind the helms and watch as my brother play the game at the age of 7. From time to time my brother would let me play for a little bit and it was easy enough to get the gist of. I do enjoy the game a lot and I have played it multiple times over the years. Cloud is a very likable character as I’m sure a lot of people can relate to his character. He had desires to accomplish something, fails at it, and has self identity issues due to it. I think Final Fantasy 7 is amazing as it brought Final Fantasy from 2D to 3D and it could have been on the Nintendo 64 instead of the Playstation.

hqdefault (1)

Final Fantasy VIII in my opinion was the Final Fantasy II of the Playstation era. It took some of the ideas from Final Fantasy VII by making another protagonist similar to Cloud in a futuristic world. I don’t think Final Fantasy is bad in any way, it’s just different. The story was a bit unusual, but it wasn’t horrible. Final Fantasy IX play homage to classic Final Fantasies and adds everything new to this installment. The characters and setting are traditional to the original Final Fantasies and most of the main bosses are actually bosses from Final Fantasy I.


Final Fantasy X brought high quality graphics and story together in the new generation of consoles. It also introduced the idea of bringing in all of your comrades into the fight. It was the first Final Fantasy game where you could literally switch out your entire team including your obnoxiously annoying main protagonist Tidus. It also changed how you level up your characters. I never got to play Final Fantasy XI, but if you don’t already know it’s an MMORPG which I think is no longer playable anymore.


Final Fantasy X-2 and FInal Fantasy XII was the moment of changing times in the Final Fantasy franchise. While both games aren’t horrible they just don’t feel right. Final Fantasy X-2 doesn’t feel like a sequel to the far superior Final Fantasy X. The gameplay is somewhat fun to play, but the story just doesn’t fit with the theme of X. Final Fantasy XII takes away the game play aspect and allows the game at some point to just play itself for you. I like XII story, but at some point I just set my controller down as the game just kind of played itself.


I won’t talk about that garbage that is Final Fantasy XIII trilogy again so instead I will talk about some of the side games in the series. Dissidia Duodecim is an amazing fighting game. It was like Square dug into my head when I was 14 when I would wonder who would win between Squall and Cloud and made a game around that mechanic. Final Fantasy IV the After Years is a cute addition to the Final Fantasy IV story only making a small change to the battle system. I actually enjoyed Final Fantasy VII Dirge of Cerberus even if it didn’t fit with the Final Fantasy VII timeline and Crisis Core was a great prequel explaining Zacks origins from Final Fantasy VII pretty well.


The Final Fantasy Tactics series may be a rip off of the popular Tactics Ogre series, but I’ve enjoyed each installment in its series. But the original Tactics game still remains as my favorite in the series. I love Ramza’s story the in depth Zodiac system in the game and picking your own jobs for your characters but you in control of the battles.


The game that gave me the idea for this months special Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is something that has been taking up a lot of my time since its release. I really enjoy the Kingdom Hearts feel in the game and the story is pretty interesting despite it being in the same universe as Final Fantasy XIII. The camera is my only real complaint in this game, but as someone who has played Kingdom Hearts it isn’t that huge of an issue. I love the difference in how each character plays and I like how the game forces you to learn each character as there are no Phoenix Downs in this game to bring back fallen comrades.


I will admit I haven’t played every Final Fantasy game that exists, but there’s so many good ones that this franchise makes it to my number one spot even with some of its faults in the later games. Playing the Final Fantasy XV demo and Final Fantasy Type-0 I’m very hopeful for the future of the franchise. I would love to see the series go back to turn base at some point again and not go the Final Fantasy XIII route again. Final Fantasy is a series that truly creates each games (with the exception of XIII which should have ended at the first one) like Squares final game their making. I’m always excited when a new Final Fantasy project is being made.

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 2.48.38 AM

I always thought this was one of the most bizarre moments in Final Fantasy VI. Celes adopted father is nearly close to death and the only solution is to shove raw fish into your dying dads throat until he gets better. You don’t actually cook the fish and you test taste the fish before giving them to Cid. Even more bizarre is that the world is in ruin which means the water is probably polluted. So you’re basically shoving poisonous fish down your dads throat hoping he gets healthy again.

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Final Fantasy

Wanted to include Terra into this post in some way so using a panel from an earlier strip.


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