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Number 03: Pokemon (Main stream series)

I’m not ashamed to admit that I am a fan of the Pokemon series. I grew out of it like a lot of people my age after the second generation, but lately I’ve kind of gotten back into it again. I guess you can never truly grow out of something you loved as a kid. It’s like when you see Mickey Mouse and he has a whole new look and you say to yourself “I wish I had this in my time.”

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I remember being 8 years old and around the grape vine of elementary school was a tale about a show where a kid collected monsters and fought each other. I watched the anime after school every single day re-run or not I was intrigued with the anime. Then out of nowhere my parents bought me a new Gameboy Color with a copy of Pokemon Blue combo set from Costco (I’m sure this is how a lot of us got the game).

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If you don’t already know Pokemon is an RPG game where you gather various creatures called Pokemon to put together a team strong enough to defeat the eight gym leaders, take out Team _______ (insert name), the elite four, and then the final boss. Very simple for both children and adults to understand.

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I made a strip before about Digimon vs Pokemon and I still stand by what Drew said about Pokemon. Just like the Sonic vs Mario fight, Pokemon like Mario keeps everything that makes the game work and only adds slight improvements. For Pokemon it’s adding more Pokemon to collect and some minor improvements to travel the world and fights which honestly is perfect.

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It works because if you have plated the original Pokemon game you can easily pop into any of the newer generation games. I’ve never played anything beyond Emerald, but if you gave me a copy of X I’m sure I would pick up on the game easily.

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The simplicity of this series is what puts it on this spot and the fact that the series still remains to stay fresh. You can play the game in all sorts of fashions with the various lockes, catching them all, competitions, or creating the most awesome team.

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I love that this is a game that I can relate with my daughter and that she can soon relate with her kids as well. It truly is a masterpiece of simplicity and challenge. I would love to see a remake of Yellow kind of like the other games received their remakes, but at this point I don’t think it’s happening.

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In the end Pokemon works great for any fan of video games, and with the series always being hand held you don’t have to remain seated in front of a television to enjoy Pokemon. It’s one of the few games where I can be sitting around waiting for some appointment in a waiting room. I can just boot up the game level up my team and save.

This was a very dark strip for me to come up with. Originally I was going to do something about Nurse Joy’s comment “please come again” but I discovered a comic strip that was similar to this idea and made a quick change to this far darker version you see here.

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