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Number 06: Persona (3 &4)

I think the Persona series is a favorite of mine because it’s a unique change to the popular role playing game genre. It keeps a lot of the same mechanics that make a great RPG while throwing in it’s own unique style which should always be a thing for all RPGs.


I started my Persona journey with Persona 3 FES. The biggest thing that caught my attention was the simplistic turn bast style which in a lot of games has diminished. You can actually come up with strategies on how you can take out your enemies. You can also customize your protagonists with an array of different personas to help fight against bosses or tricky enemies.


Instead of basing your story in some fantasy setting you’re just a high school student. In Persona 3 you’re a transfer student who joins a group of persona users who explore the mysterious Tartarus and fight the shadows during the dark hour. In Persona 4 you’re investigating a series of mysterious murders. I think they’re far more interesting than the garbage in Final Fantasy XIII with crystal lesee or whatever it was.


I think the most interesting thing about the Persona series is the social links. In order to build a truly powerful persona you need to build up social links. The only way to build social links is to build friendships with people around your town.


Between Persona 3 & 4 I do have a stronger love for Persona 4. I think the story is far more interesting than Persona 3 and I prefer most of the characters in 4 over 3. The battle system is far superior than 3 as you can control your other team mates instead of relying on the computer.


Both Persona games are great, and both provide hours of game play. You can even do a new game + and really stomp the floor on enemies.


I love Persona 3 & 4 as they’re both unique RPGs we need for the new generation of gamers. I look forward to seeing what the fifth installment brings us. I might also note that I do not include the various Persona 4 spinoffs such as Q, Dancing All Night Long, and Ultramax. This is strictly the two RPGs (PSP and possibly Golden).

I always thought the evokers were stupid in Persona 3 which is why I’m glad it was removed in Persona 4.

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