Mortal Kompetition

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Mortal Kompetition:

Number 10: Mortal Kombat (1 & 9)

The earliest game I remember playing was Mortal Kombat for the Sega Genesis. I remember playing Mortal Kombat with my older brother. I was never good, but then again I was only like 7 or 8 years old. Granted I probably shouldn’t have been playing this game at the time, but honestly back then no one really monitored video game time. I think having this game and Sonic the Hedgehog really helped develop the type of games I would like in the future.


Mortal Kombat back in the Genesis days was a major blast to me. Fighting with other kids wasn’t allowed and the only way to physically hurt anyone back then was to throw a dodgeball at kids in P.E. One of the best things I liked about the game is that the characters were actual people fighting. Don’t get me wrong Street Fighter is o.k. but controlling an actual person and beating them to a pulp was far cooler than a couple of hadoukens and spinning bird kicks. Scorpion literally threw a spear at people and yanked them back for a quick upper cut, and Sub-Zero would freeze you and hit right back. Best part about this game was if you knew what the secret code was you could add blood into the fighting experience.


Granted the blood was completely fake and gimmicky, but back then, AWESOME! But then there’s more. You finally defeat your opponent and you get to perform a fatality! You get to humiliate your opponent by taking out his heart or ripping out his spine. I won’t say the fighting was great though, there was a huge problem with fighting mechanics such as infinitely punching, but at the time it could easily be ignored.

Following videos contains violence:

However I never felt as much joy with another Mortal Kombat game after the first game. Two added in friendship which was honestly lame and a couple new characters and three had too much. Then Mortal Kombat 4 went into 3d modeling which looked awful even for that time. We then got Deception, Deadly Alliance, and Armageddon which were an astounding “meh.” But what really caught my attention was Mortal Kombat 9.


When I bought my Playstation 3 three years ago I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on games. I had Marvel vs. Capcom, Final Fantasy XIII, and Mortal Kombat Komplete edition. This game brought back what I loved about the original Mortal Kombat games and improved on it. It wasn’t just a graphical enhancement, but mechanically enhanced too.


Moves and button commands came out smooth and every hit really felt awesome. Characters were kept at a minimal (must have learned from Armageddon) and mostly consist of fan favorites and Stryker. The backgrounds are epic, one I remember most is fighting in the city and there are monsters destroying everything. The story mode in my opinion was very well executed as well. I love that fights and story ran smoothly so smoothly.

Following Clip contains violence:

Personally Noob’s fatality is my favorite in Mortal Kombat 9. Mortal Kombat mostly makes it on my top 10 because of what it means to me. It was the very first game I have memory playing, and it was the coolest game at the time. The 9th installment only reminded me of what I love most of the original. I hope the 10th installment is amazing and I will rent it first (only because it does seem different). Mortal Kombat was the start of my video game relationship and it’s a game I will always remember. Now just so everyone knows, I will NEVER introduce my kids to this game just to make that 100% clear.

It took me awhile to come up with a creative fatality for David to make up. Hey Ed Boon use it in the next Mortal Kombat game!

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