Pavlov’s test on Idiots

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Pavlov’s Test on Idiots:

I’m not one of those people who hate Pavlov for experimenting on dogs at all, let’s make this clear. I actually think it was a major discovery, and I honestly find it really cool. In a way we as humans are victim to this. Take our phones for instance, it doesn’t even need to be our own phone ringing, but in a lot of cases we still react by checking our phones regardless. Even I have been victim to this.

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One thought on “Pavlov’s test on Idiots

  1. sam

    I do it when I hear mommy, it about repetition. You hear it often enough you learn to respond. Except with Leo, you would think that with how often he hears the words “no” and “move” he would know them. Sadly he does not.



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