Triple… Not So Threat

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Triple… Not So Threat:

I loved the Dissidia Final Fantasy series. They took two of my favorite genres and put them together in one spot. I would play countless hours of Duodecim back when I had my PSP. I played so many hours I had every character at max level and every summon (not every avatar though). When I had to sell my PSP I was nearly heart broken at the loss of what was one of my favorite video games ever. If I could I would repurchase a PSP just to play Duodecim again.

When the video announcement for the new Dissidia arcade game was released a couple days back I got goosebumps from my hands to my shoulders. My first thought was “Square, you mother #*(&$)# better release it for Playstation 4. This game alone would be enough to to make my purchase of my new console worth while. I watched the crap out of the preview. Once the overture of the theme happens I almost squeal. Seeing my favorite video game character in next generation in a game I already love was freaking epic.

However after watching the video for like the 30th time, I can’t help but laugh at how lame the Warrior of Lights team is compared to Terra’s team is in the video. I mean Onion Knight was kind of decent in Dissidia, but he was such an  annoying brat, and come on the cat dude from the new mmorpg? At least Prishe was kind of threatening, all I see is a furry when I see this dude, but it might change once I somehow get access to this game.

Here’s the original video:

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